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JBLM 10 October

We were asked to speak to a group of soldiers yesterday. I gotta tell ya when they call, we go no matter what. NOWHERE we go are we treated with such respect and appreciation. This time it was a field artillery unit (Air Assault) We were contacted yesterday. Short notice doesn’t matter we go.

I was contacted by the most professional, dignified officer I have met so far. She is a first Lieutenant who has a bachelor degree, her mother is an immigrant from Ghana in Africa who instilled the importance of education in her children and now her daughter is an officer in the US Army who will be promoted to the rank of Captain at her next duty assignment. AND she plays the cello. Wow, what an example of how people can actually pull themselves up by their humble bootstraps.

I talked with these troops for about 45 minutes. I pulled NO punches. I didn’t yell at them I told them they already had enough trained professionals doing that. I just shared our story. I told them what it’s like to get the knock on the door, what it’s like for a dad to have his daddy’s girl ripped from his life by someone who is doing the same thing some of THEM are. The bottom line is that every time they put the key in the car when they are impaired, they risk killing someone. Simple, serious, real.

It is an honor to be asked to speak to these brave soldiers. I hope we make a difference. I PRAY that we make a difference. This unit will be disbanded soon. The people I talked to today will be reassigned to bases all over the world. I hope they will take Sheena’s smile with them and share her story. I hope. Below is a picture of me with the CO, a Lieutenant Colonel and the Command Sargent Major.

command staff

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